Numerology of Life Path Number 7

life path number 7

So you calculated your life path number and discovered that your life path is ruled by the number 7. What exactly does this mean for your life? What does the number 7 reveal about your strengths and challenges in life?

Today, we will go over the meaning of life path number 7.

Life Path Number 7

The number 7 is the most spiritual number of all. It represents tranquility, isolation by choice.

If your life path number is 7, your attention goes more inward than outward. You are likely an amazing writer because you are an observer of life.

7 also represents emotion and it’s ruled by Neptune and the moon. You probably love nature, especially the ocean, green grass, and flowers.

Your life’s mission is to seek truth and you are a deep thinker.

To other people, a 7 can seem closed off and unresponsive. It seems like they don’t want to do anything. But the truth is they just value tranquility over being social all the time.

This can make a number seven feel like they don’t fit in with others. But once you accept that you are different you can form close relationships with a chosen few.

Number 7 – Strengths

Intuition: Since 7 is such a spiritual number, they have a heightened intuition, which they use well in their life. They feel things others aren’t aware of and they are in tune with nature and the divine.

Seek the truth: They either seek truth in a spiritual sense, like understanding the meaning of life. Or, they might choose to go into science and seek worldly truth. But no matter which path they choose, they love to go deep.

Compassionate: The number 7 doesn’t fit in, which can mean they’ll have negative experiences in social situations. But their pains also make them extremely compassionate with everyone. They would never judge another human being.

Life Path Number 7 – Weaknesses

Misunderstood: Their deep thinking and longing to be alone are misunderstood by others. People might even think that a number 7 is arrogant. At the same time, sevens trust others too fast and easily which can result in them getting disappointed.

Love and Romance

Life path number 7 makes a loyal and invested partner. In a relationship, they only have eyes for the partner and no one else.

At first, they might seem closed off, but they do have a need for romance. What’s important, is that their partner understands the number 7’s unique personality.

They can be one of the most romantic people, as long as they have some space for themselves. Even if they love you, they just need to be isolated sometimes. This helps them to regain energy.

Since opening up takes quite some time for sevens, once they do open up they want to stay with you forever. They are looking for serious relationships.


Since they like being by themselves, life path number 7 has issues with working under a boss. That’s why they are perfect for self-employment.

Great jobs for them are Writer, Performer, Director, Novelists, Storytellers.

Sevens are so gifted in storytelling and creating an emotion that’s why they are amazing filmmakers or novelists.

What’s more, they are also great healers, especially if they practice something more spiritual like reiki healing or hypnosis.

What’s interesting about the life path number 7 is that it makes you either studious. or artistic. Some of them decide to be scientists and spend their time alone with their research.


Humans with the life path number 7 are spiritual and deep thinkers. They prefer solitude over social events but they are compassionate towards others. Their ability to grasp emotions makes them great writers and once you get them to open up they are amazing partners.

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