Numerology of Number 11

numerology of number 11

In numerology number 11 is called a master number and it holds great spiritual power. 11 can be your life path number, soul urge number, or an angel number – if you see it pop up in your life again and again.

Today we are going over the possible meanings of the 11.

11 – What is a Master Number?

11 is called a master number because usually in numerology, you reduce all numbers to one digit. But 11 stays as a double-digit number and therefore has a unique vibration.

Master numbers, which are 11, 22, and 33, have the highest vibrational energy of all numbers. So, 11 is a number of high spirituality and a state of evolution.

Number 11 – Meaning

The 11 stands for heightened spirituality, sensitivity, charisma, cooperation, and independence.

It’s interesting because this number combines the leadership qualities of number 1 with the cooperative and emotional qualities of 2. It’s like a yin and yang symbol, combining two opposites into one.

If 11 is your life path or soul urge number, then mastering all aspects of your life is your unique challenge. Self-mastery and inner strength will lead you to extreme spiritual rewards. You have the power to do great things.

The 11 also serves as a reminder to use your intelligence, strength, and morals to approach life.

Life’s Mission

If your life’s mission is ruled by the 11, then you are on a path of inspiration and enlightenment. You likely have huge dreams that seem unattainable at first. But when you learn patience and serenity, you will have all the inner power to go after your dreams.

You are also great with people and you bring empathy into relationships. You also aren’t afraid to be vulnerable.

Love Life

In love and relationships, 11 stands for loyalty, sensuality, and passion. You like to find out what your partner needs and you are invested in relationships.

You also don’t jump into relationships fast, you give yourself time to get to know the other person and gauge if they are a good fit for you.

Numerology Number 11 – The Connection to Number 2

When we combine the two digits of eleven, we get the number two. That means that 11 also holds qualities of 2 – such as high emotions and intuition. This means that people who are connected to the 11 in any way, are likely experiencing deep, vivid emotions and have great intuition. Imagine 11 as an amplifier of the qualities of number 2.

11 As An Angel Number

If the number 11 shows up during the day, be it when you look at the clock, on receipts, page numbers in books, or anything else, it definitely has a meaning. When 11 shows up as an angel number it’s a reminder to widen your perspective. You might be neglecting your spiritual powers and the angels are reminding you to stay true to yourself.

Take a close look at the happenings in your life and look at them from a high-level view. You might discover that problems aren’t as complicated as they seem.


The numerology number 11 can have various meanings, depending on if it shows up as your life path number or as an angel number. But it’s definitely a number full of spiritual energy, as it also is a master number. It can be challenging at times to harness the full power of 11 but once you do it will benefit all areas of your life.

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