Numerology of Number 3

numerology of number 3

You and your life are not defined by one single number but understanding one number deeply can provide additional insights about you, your life, and your relationships with others.

That’s why today we want to have a closer look at the numerology of number 3.

The Personality of Number 3

If the number 3 describes a person, it stands for great creative energy. It is a powerful energy but can get a bit chaotic. That’s why people who are described by the number 3 can have problems with finishing projects. Their creativity doesn’t work well with discipline.

That’s why the numerology number 3 also stands for a childlike, communicative energy. People with this number are communicative, charming, playful, and usually artistic.

To get more direction and discipline in their life 3 usually need to rely on other people. That way they can focus on what they do best.

If your birthday number or name number is 3 it can have different meanings. Here is an explanation of your strengths and weaknesses:

Strengths of 3

Communication: You are an amazing communicator and extremely expressive. It’s likely that you always have lots of new ideas. Your ideas attract people who help you turn them into a reality.

Artistic talents: No matter if it’s painting, music, or dancing, you have artistic talents. So, you are not only expressive with your world but also with your creations.

Charisma: Your energy makes you extremely magnetic and people want to be around you. You stand out from the crowd without trying.

Weaknesses of the Number 3

Naïveté: You are young and innocent in nature which is great for your creativity but makes you unaware of realities in this world. This can cause you to get disappointed by others.

Lack of Focus: Because of your countless ideas, you have trouble focusing on one thing alone. This can cause the shiny-object syndrome, where you hop from one thing to the next but do nothing fully.

It is important to note that all numbers have a positive and a negative side. Knowing both helps you make better decisions.

3 Love And Romance

In a relationship, 3 stands for love and care. Family life is well suited for them, as they enjoy stability.

They are also very loyal and don’t want to part with people who are dear to them. They are romantic individuals and want to bring joy and optimism into their relationships.

To thrive in a relationship they need space for self-expression and want to keep a bit of freedom.

Numerology Number 3 – Career

An obvious career choice for numerology number 3 is art or any creative work. They don’t like complicated schedules and boring routines. So if you are a 3, an office job might not be for you. You can be a charismatic leader, which is great for speaking on stage or as a teacher.

Great careers are: Writer, Painter, Dancer, YouTuber, Counselor, Public Speaker and Teacher.

History of Number 3

Three is often seen in mythology and folklore and is therefore packed with meaning and symbolism.

It often stands for a journey we go through in life and holy triads. For example, the triad of birth, life, and death.

The Spiritual Number 3

The numerology number 3 can be found almost anywhere.

If you like tarot cards, it’s represented in the card of the Empress. It stands for abundance and strong inner guidance.

In astrology, 3 stands for Jupiter which, again stands for abundance but also for wisdom. What’s more, the zodiac sign of Sagittarius is also ruled by the number 3.

If 3 Is Prominent In Your Life

Maybe you see the number 3 over and over again. Or maybe it’s your lucky number. That is not a coincidence. If your life is ruled by 3 you will be lucky and attract great opportunities.

It stands for a life of optimism and creativity. It can also be a reminder to become more disciplined with your efforts.


Number 3 is a powerful number with a rich meaning. If your life is ruled by this number then you will have a joyful life full of luck.

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