Soul urge number

soul urge number

What is your soul urge number and how does it differ from other numbers? By now you might have gained insight on your life path number and maybe also your expression number.

Today, we are having a look at the third core number: the soul urge number which is also known as the heart’s desire number.

Read on what this number means for you, your soul, and your path in life.

What is the Soul Urge Number?

As we already said, this number is the third core number in numerology. It stands for a human’s inner motivation. It’s what you are passionate about and what makes you tick.

Your soul urge number describes what you really aspire to have in life. If you never calculated your heart’s desire number before, you might not be aware of your truest passions and aspirations.

So, this number can tell you a lot about yourself.

Your soul urge feed your soul and it can also express hidden talents that you will develop later in life. Same as with your expression number, your soul chose this number before you were born.

Keep in mind that this number is the third core number and we often feel it less than our life path number. Most people are aware of the tendencies of their life path number, for example. But the soul urge number is hidden deep inside us.

How to calculate your Soul Urge Number

To calculate your heart’s desire number, you need all the vowels in your name and need to assign them to the right number.

Here is the numerology chart that tells you which letter stands for which number:

A,J & S = 1

B,K & T = 2

C,L & U = 3

D,M & V = 4

E,N & W = 5

F,O & X = 6

G,P & Y = 7

H,Q & Z = 8

I & R = 9

Now, lets look at an example of how to calculate the soul urge number. Let’s assume a person is called Mary Ann Smith.

We have to look at each name separately first.

In the name Mary, we have the vowels A and Y. So we calculate:

1 + 7 = 8

In Ann, we only have A. So it’s 1.

In Smith, we have the I, which stands for 9.

Now we add up those numbers:

8 + 1 + 9 = 18  1 + 8 = 9

Mary Ann Smith’s soul urge number is 9.

What does each Soul Urge Number mean?

Again, the meaning of each of these numbers can go deep. But here is a quick overview of the meaning of your heart’s desire number.


You wish to be a manager, seek independence and you are goal-oriented.


You value harmony and desire some form of partnership.


You need to express yourself, for example as an artist or writer.


You need a structured life and you love to be organized.


You need a lot of freedom and seek adventure.


You wish for perfectionism and a nourishing family.


You love to spend time alone and you enjoy learning and research.


You like to be in charge, love competition and you are an achiever.


You wish to help others, find solutions and you are an idealist.


You are a great counselor, and you are interested in the metaphysical.


You are capable, focused on details and on humanity.


The soul urge number is also called the heart’s desire number and tells us what we really want in life. It gives insights on what our soul aspires to have.

These desires are often hidden which makes this number very interesting. It’s calculated based on the vowels of your full birth name.

The soul urge number, expression number, and life path number all vibrate together to create the unique human being that you are.

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