What are Angel Numbers?

what are angel numbers

Do you keep seeing special numbers all around you? Maybe you look at the clock at 11:11 every time. Or maybe you often come across the number 777?

If that’s the case, it’s not a coincidence. Numbers with a sequential repetition are called angel numbers. It’s a sign of a divine presence.

It is important to pay attention to how often you see an angel number. If it comes up again and again then it is a sign that you are on the right path. Keep following the angel numbers – it’s like a sign on the highway telling you where to go and what to do next.

Let’s go over the most common angle numbers and their meaning.

Powerful Angel Numbers


If you see this angel number a lot, it’s powerful. This number is a reminder to look inside your mind. Are you focused on what you want? Your thoughts attract what you are thinking about, so make sure to guide your attention towards positive energies.


This number is a reminder to be present and trust that you are in the right place at the right time. You’ll see this number a lot when you are too focused on the future or compare yourself to others.


Angel number 333 stands for balance. Use this angel number as a reminder to keep all of your areas in life well rounded.


This number might come up during struggles but it tells you that you are protected and the bad times will pass.


Seeing this number repeatedly means that a positive change will come into your life. Be cautious to not think of change as something negative. Be happy about it and welcome it with open arms.


This number is a strong message. It can mean that you are not taking responsibility for your own life. Self-assess your life and check where you have to make changes.


Sequential sevens tell you that you can relax now and let the future come. There is no need to be afraid of the future at this point.


This number is a good sign, as it stands for the flow of energy. You are already going with the flow of life. Keep going and be grateful.


If you see this number a lot, it means that something you are working on is concluding. You’ll reach your goals and you’ll also be ready for new goals.

Seeing Several Angel Numbers At The Same Time?

Sometimes people see several angel numbers frequently. This means you have a strong connection to your spiritual side and you are guided by divine energy.

It can also mean that the universe is sending you signals of several things you have to pay attention to. Maybe the numbers address different areas of your life.

You definitely want to take note of all the angel numbers in your life, as each holds important insights for you.

Angel numbers are a good thing, so don’t wish them away and don’t ignore them.

Lesser-Known Angel Numbers

Finally, it’s important to note that all numbers you see frequently can be angel numbers. They aren’t always sequential. For example, 1234 can be an angel number. Even the single digits from 1-9 can be a divine sign. But angel numbers are strongest in a sequence.


Angel numbers are proof that a divine being is watching over you. Make sure to be attentive to the numbers that occur to you daily.

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