What is Name Numerology?

what is name numerology

Numerology provides insights into your personality, strengths, and weaknesses, and purpose in life. One number that can give you increased insights is your name number. That’s what Name numerology is all about.

Today, we’ll tell you how to calculate your name numerology and what it says about you.

How To Calculate Your Name Numerology

Your name numerology is strongest if you use the name that was given to you at birth. Numerologists believe that the name you are given is exactly the name you are supposed to have. That’s why it has a strong meaning for your life.

Even if your name was changed later – maybe you got married or took on a different name. Still, for the calculation, you want to use the name on your birth certificate.

Assign Letters To Numbers

By now you might be thinking: My name consists of letters, not numbers! How can numerology be based on my name?

Well, in numerology, every letter is associated with a number from 1 to 9. Some of the most important numbers are calculated from your name, such as your personality number, your soul urge number, and your life expression number. These numbers say a lot about your strengths, your spiritual purpose, and how others perceive you.

Besides adding up all the numbers that come from your name, keep in mind that each letter has a meaning in itself! So, your name says a lot about you.

Also, there are three special letters in your name that reveal deep insights about you.

The 3 Special Letters Of Name Numerology

What are these three letters we are talking about?

The Cornerstone Letter

This is the first letter of your name. It represents your unique approach to life. It gives you insight into how you react to what happens in your life.

The Capstone Letter

This is the last letter of your name. It stands for your ability to follow-through and how you can find closure.

The First Vowel

The first vowel in your name reveals what is most important to you in life. It describes a part of you that you keep to yourself and might be hidden deep inside you. It explains your real motivation in life.

Letters From A – Z

We want to provide a quick overview of the meaning of each letter.

  • A stands for leadership and motivation.
  • B describes balance and instinct.
  • C stands for creativity and communication.
  • D is about stability and hard work.
  • E is all about freedom.
  • F stands for compassion and loyalty.
  • G describes intuition and spiritual power.
  • H stands for innovation and independence.
  • I is about creativity, kindness, and compassion.
  • J describes a skilled and driven energy.
  • K stands for strong instincts and intuition.
  • L is all about optimism and expressive energy.
  • M stands for ingenuity and independence.
  • N describes the energy of imagination and free-thinking.
  • O is all about support and giving.
  • P stands for intellectual and spiritual knowledge.
  • Q stands for leadership and financial success.
  • R is all about support and uplifting others.
  • S describes deep emotions and magnetic presence.
  • T stands for harmony and teamwork.
  • U is associated with luck and opportunity.
  • V stands for focus and resilience.
  • W is associated with creativity and adventure.
  • X stands for passion and sensuality.
  • Y describes curiosity and adventure.
  • Z stands for a mix of optimism and realism.

Name Numerology – Calculate One Single Number From Your Name

Knowing the meaning of single letters can already reveal much about you. If you want to go a step deeper with your name numerology, then you can use a chart to calculate one single number that stands for your name.

  • The letters A, J, S stand for 1.
  • B, K, T stand for 2.
  • C, L, U stand for 3.
  • D,M,V equal 4
  • E, N, V are for 5.
  • F, O, X stand for 6.
  • G, P, Y are for 7.
  • H, Q, Z equal 8.
  • I and R stand for 9.

Use this to assign a digit to each letter in your name and add them together. That way you get your name numerology number.


Name numerology goes deep because each letter has a meaning in itself but your name can also be expressed in one single number. Use both to learn more about your beautiful purpose and unique talents.

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